one of the good days

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harini OT, and OT ortho is very tiring i tell you. we gotta get oursleve really prepared for ortho OT. because it take longer time than normal OT unless simple cases la macam wound debride, I&D camtu but kalau nak kena remove internal fixation nak kena exchange ke nak kena insert ILN ke memang penat gila. sebab kena tolong reduce fracture sekali or kena pegang bone holder and give way much more effort than normal retraction. haha

and today aku tengok senarai OT ada bone grafting and exchange ILN dia and petang tu ada ILN insertion tgh hari tu ada la simple case satu.
and yeahhh penat gilaaa 

but as i told u in the topic itself, today is one of the good days.
sebab harini aku assist grafting tu, masukkan bone bone and kau kena pakai nontooth(?) tu utk collect2 small pieces of bones and kena sumbat2 dalam lubang kecik celah celah bone graft patient yang partial unite fracture and tangan kau mmg kena smooth and precise nanti berterabur la tulang2 tu. and i did well perhaps. my specialist told me to stay in surgical based and become a surgeon soon. rasa motivated gila. because i do love surgery more than medical. i dont like playing with infections, electrolyte imbalance and all this abstract shit. (tho i love drawing) but in ortho good in drawing is one of the bonus sebab nanti nak kena lukis balik gambaran tulang2 patah and what not and alhamdulillah part tu paling aku suka. tulis surgical report and draw few pics. dah mula well known for beautiful drawing in surgical reports. (berlagak sia).hahaha

and today i did the ILN insertion in the evening. one thing about ILN insertion is u have to cucuk than batang besi through the cortex of the bone and must pass through the fracture site. and i tell u nak pass through that fracture is dammmmmmn challenging, walaupon ada guide image intensifier tapi memang susah gilaaa and today at one attempt !!! i did it in one effing attempt hahahahaha best gilaaaa my specialist once again ask me to become medical officer in ortho soon ! hahaha 

ini semua kerja Allah, none of it purely from me. and im just a happy person being grateful to Him. for making today one more a happy day tho insan ni banyak berdosa.

looking forward for more beautiful days in houseman. 

tak tahu nganjing ke ikhlas.