one month already

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so how is our first month of being a houseman amar?

i dont know. mix feeling. tak tahu nak cakap apa. im in ortho so macam tak penat sangat but my performance is shit. rasa macam banyak menghampakan orang. i forgot things, i lost track of my patient.
most of the time my MO tanya soalan about patient aku banyak blur. macam lost track camtu. i know but i keep forgetting it. bila recall slowmo baru teringat and selalunya MO aku da dapat jawapan that time so i looked so stupid.

so far dah dua kali senior tegur semua. secara terbuka la and i sense some of them includes the mistakes ive done. haih. the learning process is fun. but dissapointing people and keep making mistakes are all the stuffs that spoil the day or sometime regress me.

tapi tu la, i still have the belief that the glitches are going to shape me better.