great start for the year !

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ok sebelom aku nak cerita pasal what had happened sampai aku bagi tajuk camtu, there are few things aku nak share sebelom tu. my life as a houseman for this past few days quite up and down. ada masa aku happy gila ada masa aku down gila.

bad things were i almost kill a patient during my first week, masa tagging haritu. so i have to sedate this one patient for CMR (close manual reduction) a procedure done in which we realign the patients fractured bones by pulling the hand from end to end. bunyi barbaric gila but that was the best method for CMR as researched. but we sedate the patient so basically dia tak rasa apa pon.
so masa aku nak sedate makcik ni aku masa tu tengah tagging. noob af la katakan. supposedly senior or MO supervise aku tapi semua kind of busy and i was given instruction already cumanya aku macam blur sikit so i oversedate this patient by giving her a full syringe (prepared by medical assistant) of midazolam and pethidine. which supposedly kena bagi by 2ml by time. so patient tu sedap ah tidoq lepas siap cmr aku hantar pergi radiology utk post CMR xray. that time masa aq documentating the procedures MO aku baru datang and asked how things went. so aku macam happily said okay je. my MO told me she was afraid i mistakenly give her full syringe of mida and pethidine and aku dengan muka gg nya cakap yg aq bg semua dose!

all along the way to radiology lab aku kena carut and kena marah. good things patient tu still alive and malam tu aku monitor je spo2 dia just to make sure she is fine. well masa tu aku rasa damn gila. rasa down jugak kena carut and kena marah. but now i will always remember that one thing. the real exact dose for sedation! fuhh

next, bad day i had was yesterday. macam shit. well i am simply a cheerful person, i wont deny it. aku memang suka gi kerja i literally said im ready like spongebob did. nerd af but im really happy and excited to go to work (so far). i love to greet people and smile to them. tapi pagi pagi lagi MO aku emo merajuk for idk whats the effing reason. malas nak cerita panjang but it spoils the morning already. later then i have to call another MO for some opinion (which is i was instructed by my MO previously) i greeted her/him through the phone real nicely then bila tanya opinion kena jerkah and marah marah.


apa masalah kau sial. like seriously apa masalah kau when people are being really nice at you pukul 9 pagi bukannya pukul 3 pagi, bg salam and being at my humblest as always tapi kau jerkah aku. like wtf?
pastu bila aku nak g clerk patient boleh plak terkepit tangan bawah seat kerusi, tak pasal pasal luka berkarat and kena inject ATT dekat bontot, sehari jugak pedih nak duduk. and haritu jugak staffnurse aku emo tetibe marah marah aku for some procedure-reason yang aku rasa still acceptable nak nak aku baru dua minggu dekat situ. so aku tak smooth and fasih dekat semua perkara lagi. so semalam quite damn la.

anyhow good things are,

i got offtagged in a week ! tagging period was tiring and macam a period of practical la. kena stay from 7 am to 10/11 pm. penat gila. but i managed to offtag my self in a week. me and my partner Azwa. usually first poster kena tag sampai sebulan at least but alhamdulillah dapat offtag awal dan jalankan tanggungjawab with a normal houseman schedule. but still byk kerja. like now pon pukul 8 baru boleh balik bilik tho jadual aku is at 5 pm dah habis. but nevermind. banyak dapat belajar.

so good thing today is !
MO aku cerita dekat aku yang specialist puji aku. waaaa happynya rasa. and she told me to stay at who i am. stay humble stay positive and stay with the attitude of mine now. alhamdulillah. lepas ni makin bersemangat nak bekerja despite some shit day i would have to go through. zzz. well stay the way we are !
and the conversation actually happen after the first incision i made to human skin! 4cm depth skin incision to made way for collected pus in my pt bedsore and for drainage of the pus. bleeding teruk jugak i had to call my MO to help me settle with it. compressing the bleeding site for 20 minutes jugak. quite a mess. but i learned few things la.

well so for thats it. a great start to 2017 tho ! yeah ni tahun baruuuu!

i miss burg tho.