Tagger in action ! #HousemanDiary

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day 3 of life now !
currently in ortho. memang tak sempat langsung nak update blog for the past two days sebab busy nak mampus and yeah, serius busy. busy giler. aku rasa nak fibrotic ankle join aku, somewhere macam nak athrodesis gittew. dak ortho en term term kena orthoistic la hahaha

but i got good seniors. sumpah baik gila. abu zarrin, kak husna both are from UiTM baik ya rabbi tuhan je tahu banyak gila mengajar, and i got kak miza and Dr K which are two awesome MOs everr!!!! baik gilaaa and tak lupaa Dr Razzi baikkk gilaaa dah la hensemmmm gilaaa

guess they wont make any way to my blog so way so fine to puji puji dorang sini haha but im being so grateful dapat masuk ortho. slowly boleh belajar how to become HO with good supervision and teaching. thanks guys ! and thanks to Allah alsoooo!!!! semua rezeki dia.

now aku duduk quarters. sebab jauh jugak nak ulang alik plus senang nak ulang alik tagging tagging gini.

oh nak bagitahu jugak cause i dont think i can daily update but i dont wanna forget this one.
i hardly focus on current patients sebab masa aq masuk tagging dorang dah halfway management so tak paham sgt case dorang but yesterday i clerked a boy from the beginning sebab dia baru admitted, 15 years old really nice kid, clerked from beginning and he was really nice. so he went to OP for some ortho reason and comeback that eve in hypovolemic shock because he loss so much blood and still on ongoing management with pints of blood transfused and blood vessels semua collapse utk blood sample for further gxm. so i was there next to him, holding him, those cold peripheries, and aku cuma tunggu my MOs tried to get his blood for me to run to bloodbank, with sluggish looks on his face macam sedated gitu and his BP was wandering around 50/40 like that. and keep getting tachy tuhan je tahuuu aku sedih gilla that time thinking we would loss him, and we were struggling to save him, but finally Allah made a way for him for more days alhamdulillah. and when i came to him again (just now) late midnight, good to hold his warm hands again. 

my bad was i made good friend of him sebab dia first patient aku. so i got to focus more on him and we were close when he was warded. losing him would kill half of me today.

i dont know if i should befriend my patient that much next time. hmm

till next time.