Amin aminn amin untuk setiap doa keatas Radin

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how selfish we are. thinking the world is all about us. thinking we are the only main character. thinking others are just a peripheral blur to the main view.

my girl-best friend now is suffering,well not by the appearance because she is strong and she always put her best smile, but deep down, she is suffering for possibilities, for surprises of how the tiny heart would decide to turn her day around. and i have the believe, inshaallah girl you wont have that day. allah wont put her on that day, isnt it Ya Rabb?  why would the pure heart whose her intention is mainly saving others in future be tested this way, unless you prepare her with so much hikmah and rewards in the future. inshaallah.

i keep saying, youre gonna be fine, demi allah aku cuma ada yakin, scientifically aku pon tak tahu apa bakal jadi. but umi said to me once, i cannot find the arabic words for it, tapi Rasulullah pernah bersabda, a hadis with the meaning of "takkan berubah sesuatu (qada dan qada) melainkan dengan doa".

this HCM, it have its own pathology and qada and qadar on the heart it affected, but we can always make doa to change it. tak semestinya what supposed to happen will gonna happen. trust in Allah, anyone who happened to read my post,

doakan untuk radin fathiah, doakan dipanjangkan umurnya, doakan dia disembuh. doakan dia masih mampu berdiri dengan sihat sehingga selesainya dia dengan urusan yang dikemahui dalam kehidupannnya.