Interview SPA done!

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yeay ! interview SPA done. interview SPA ni is literally an obstacle we have to go through sebelum dibuka peluang untuk isi Ehouseman and so on soon. previous years tak ada interview for medical gradutes. (last year ada tapi dorang buat sebelom pro) our batch this year kena buat after pro, so some kind of problem jugak la sebab kau dah melemak dekat rumah tak sentuh buku 2-3 bulan and kena be prepared for udner the sun and on the eart questions again PLUS general knowledge and current issues and what not.

sama macam pro, aku cuak jugak nak go through benda ni quite a miserable stuff to think of plus aku ada operation a week before interview which is last week. i wrote the stuff. so aku malas nak pikir sangat disebabkan benda tu. good to me sebab at the end apa yang keluar masa interview pon simple and basic stuffs je. punya cuak nak kena cover zika and all the main CPG for common diseases sekali dia tanya pasal maksud term integrity, accountability and confidential plus few questions on KKM organization. yeay !
bila dato shukor (the SPA somebody) asked the KKM Doctor untuk ajukan soalan dekat kami, the doctor just said that cukuplah tu we talked already few medical stuffs. so yeay ! alhamdulillah.

plus i was assembled with great people in my team. ada asyraf (bong) and afiq aziz and dua graduates PMC. nice people ! datang pagi terus tanya nama and lembaga apa, dapat tahu satu team terus sembang kencang hahahahah alhamdulillah. and dalam bilik temuduga pon we interact so nicely aku rasa hipokrit gila but fun! sejam je interview, bunyi macma lama tapi serius dalam tu rasa kejap je. i thought it would be formal gila that u even must have an attitude to inhale and exhale tapi dalam tu sempoi je dengan dato gelak gelak and all of us pon giggles most of the time hahahahah

good game azri azli afiq and asyraf !

blazer besar haha

with the queen

and the king!

cool people !

getting cooler !!!!

good game guys !

p/s : radin ! dont worry, you will be called for interview any time sooonnn !!! ada hikmah di sebalik apa yang Allah tentukan isnt it ! this is going to be cliche but do have trust on Him ! meanwhile enjoy ur holiday taw ! 
Kamil pon ! goodluck interview nanti ! hehe