Aziz is a married man this morning !

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aziz kahwin semalam ! (29 october 2016)

too bad i wasnt there at the majlis akad nikah. so wishing i could watch my beshpwen unlock the door and tie the bond.
anyway in Aziz i believe, he can be wayy better than a normal husband because he is super dope man !
jaga jihah leklok, i do not know well who she is but i know well who you are. i dont know where this sentence is going. nevermind.
jadi suami yang soleh, pak imam pada bini dan anak anak kau yang aku kira dalam 12 orang inshaallah amin amin (incoming babies) .

ooohhhhhhh ure married mann. i cannot believe thiss. that dude i knew like 8 years agoooo. that one dude. one weird boy that i love to stick around.... damn it hes married !!!

im happy for u my friend. :)