tunggu jelah

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tbh i never made a deep reading on my disease. Basic and surface sekadar nak recall balik apa je yang aku ingat, tu pon on the day of mri je. Reading into it just scares me.
selama ni aku sekadar being positive je. Last time we had a contact to a doctor about this. Dia cakap maybe ill just be needing medication rather than surgery. Tho aku rasa macam what medication would reduce the size of tumor tapi i never take a look on it. Aku macam bersetuju je, because umi looked so happy that time bila dr tu call cakap macam tu. So i wanna keep it that way and avoid talking about it.
takkan hormone medication stuffs kan. I am not affected that way.
lusa appointment dengan doctor yg incharge aku. Aku tak rasa ada medication but tgk la apa doctor nak cakap.