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"24 year old gentleman, a medical graduate on his first visit after mri last two weeks, initally came to opthal clinic last month d/t bilateral temporal hemianopia for 1 year already. mri finding was 2.1 x 2.3 x 2.9 cm mass at pituitary region suggestive of pituitary macroadenoma."

thus i was referred to neurosurgery. appointment was set in two weeks time. should be earlier tapi neurosurgery busy kot. the mass was said to be big enough the doctor said medication wont be helpful plus aku macam takde hormonal imbalance symptoms. tadi pon almost 10 cc blood was taken utk hormonal test. so tgk la neurosurgeon cakap apa. dr opthal said probably transphenoidal would be need to cut the mass out. but there is a chance for craniotomy. 

gempak en bunyi. lel. 

umi keeps looking at me. staying by my side through out the visit. tanya aku ok tak? kenalin tak? (gementar in kelantan)
aku kekadang cuak tapi aku dah tak rasa apa sangat. ive been afraid all this time now i just dont care. 

umi okay, amar okay la.

p/s : i was laying myself down on the floor when i thought radin would wait for an update haha so kuatkan diri untuk update. kalau tak aku akan tulis dua tiga hari lagi. anyway penting jugak update asap. soon in 4-5 years time when im gonna look at this again, i need to know the exact time of everything.
belanja kot nanti kena botakkan ke hahha