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"why youre not in the mood"
"whats happened"
being ammar is, i cant simply move on. Yet i really want to ask. How can someone simply move on.
masalah aku is when i fall for someone. I fell so hard. Not precisely talking about anyone. Cuma cerita personaliti aku.
i chose to deal with moving on when things go the other way around. How i endure it is what Allah made for me. The matter is choice of moving on came from the heart ;takdela aku not giving up and then create mess.
cuma moving on is never easy.
"Ammar we cannot always achieve what we want"
apparently within a week dua kali kena tegur macam ni. Am i being selfish ? Bila mana aku rasa perlu stress out yang aku never questioned not getting what i wanted, bunyi macam tak pernah ikhlas dengan perkataan redha pulak. Now i would doubt myself.
i have never been a nice person. I never know what i always wanted in life.
But apparently i dont care. Sekarang pon i dont care. And seems like esok pon ill never care.
tujuan hidup asal adalah sebagai seorang hamba. Untuk beribadah pada Dia.
yang memunahkannya adalah sosial. Itu pasal aku punah.