support group

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alhamdulillah alhamdulillah for those who concerns.

i didnt meant to expose my blog to anyone. who may have passed by would have read it willingly, but i do know few of my loyal readers, the blog is our conversation, virtually. between bloggers and perhaps between the dead and the live.

few days ago a teacher from my beloved school tegur me on facebook, beliau may have read the blog due to linked website in my instagram which i realize right after she talked to me. and teahcer shazlin has been very kind to talk a few motivational words to me and those has always been a majestic little speech.

one umi has always said to me also

and lately a friend of mine also tegur me on whatsapp, to know about it indirectly and came to talk to me is spiritually motivating. good pep talk, she has always been energetic and i am looking forward for more postive vibes among us, among all these people

and from the family, and has always been :) 

and few more people , remembering the names in my mind, dipahat.

stay cheerful isnt it 

p/s : thanks laili for the song ! (just changed the background music)