of those little choices in a little infinity

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what do you do when the woman you love your life , menangis dekat sinki, priorly breaking from her words in the middle of discussion, a disclosure of how sad she could be but she denied her heart wanting to feel depress. Umi memang jenis mudah menangis, matanya mudah berkelopak dengar air mata tapi selalunya disebabkan benda benda yang sweet dan benda benda yang terharu. Jarang sekali disebabkan benda benda yang sedih ;saying how happy her life has been or how positive she has been despite so many problems she encountered.
now kali ni dia menangis lagi, apparently the strong heart has been too tired to stay that way.
dan apa yang ada dalam kepala aku that time is only the thought of either going to go at umi and hug her or just stay where i am,at the dining table facing the other end of the table in that only two of us in the dining room. Sebab memang dalam kepala aku hanya nak tenangkan umi, despite the conversation initially started with umi telling me that my MRI would be anytime soon in three days - then leading to how umi has been feeling and how she is being prepared for any sort of cancerous stuffs thats coming.
undeniably apa lagi benda yang compress saraf dekat optic chiasm tu kan. Umi knows it. And we hardly able to deny it because stuffs happened.
mata umi merah lagi but she is calmer. And i chose to stay where i am