sokong aku sampai mati

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can i just post an entry. Again pasal burg because i cannot be more thankful to him. For supporting me this whole time. Since dari first year. Then second horrible year. A year i changed so much perhaps. setiap malam pergi bilik burg cerita semua benda. We started pillow talk from that moment sampaila ke malam terakhir of year five.
and lately he just helped me to go through another phase of the life. A really important one. As aku perlu move on if and only if i wish for better future and there he is walau selama ni kerja nak jilakekan aku haha. And another pep talk. One who gave me so much courage.

thanks bro.

p/s: Kalau dia tahu aku asyik cerita pasal dia mesti dia rasa jijik gila.😄😄😄