i am fragile

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nak cerita i just watched How to be single and Joy around few days ago. yup aku duk rumah kerja tengok movie je. and aku tengok cerita cerita ni pon sebab Dakota Johnson and Jennifer Lawrence. and those movies memang besttt at my own interest la. sebab tak semua orang suka cerita sama kan.

and ceritanya i was about to tell few synopsies kononnya and nak dapatkan mood tulis blog sikit so i put the Fynn Jamal's raya song on repeat boomed rasa sebak now i am missing my bestfriends. i know its raya song so apakedehal nak teringat member member plak en cuma raya is all about the ramadhan and we just had the last ramadhan together and allahua'lam who else would i be celebrating ramadhan last with but obviously for now, its my bestdudes.

hilang mood.

and this is how the entry ends.