aku cuma cerita pasal kawan.

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my mind is so messed up maybe sebab i cannot cope this adolescent-ing stuffs and  absolutely over thinking in almost everything so aku dah overthinkingshit yang scribble's akan teraffected somewhere kalau aku tak komen betul betul . (please note scribble's yang ive stated i am overthinkingidiot so i actually believe that ure fine with me kita kan GeBU hehe) tapi i wanna let you know that aku pon turut marah all the way kalau anything bad happened to you. good that you put a good end at the end of that entry hehe may Allah be with you. 

kamil? sado bak hang aku harap kamil pakai skinny jeans lepas ni mesti hensem bak hang.

and other people sapa sapa yang baca blog ni, kalau tersinggah ke or whatsoever, just love your friends. love the one who is in front of you, next to you or virtually supported you. they are those you are going to miss once youre aging so bad with a cup of coffee and nostalgic sceneries.