bayang bayang

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honestly it is annoying as hell bila semua nak panggil aku isteri kepada burg. haha

betulla that one quote i once read, "i-forgot-the-exact-quote" , tapi the quote meants a bestfriendship that is too strong till people/family question your sexual interest. haha people dont really question it because nobody can get that direct tapi people do menganjing aku as if aku ni isteri burg what the hell la sampaikan kalau nak pinjam kereta burg pon nak kena mintak permission aku ( i know most of them are jokes, but it is a repetitive joke i have to pretend to laugh at) bila orang cakap macam tu nak nak si badri-nokrom and someoneelseidontwannamention, aku rasa macam wadepap nya mamat ni haha but what to do memang kerja aku berkepit dengan burg je all the time. this is our fifth year of bestfriendship weh. since the first week of being in medical faculty lagi aku kenal burg. imagine it, from that first week in semester 1 lagi now dah semester 10. mana tak clingy nya. and mana tak nya orang nak mengata lel. 

but now

the fact that ada lagi 4 bulan untuk keep sticky to each other. to be honest cool macam mana pon someone is, u do give a total damn priceless shit when you came to that moment u have to say goodbye to each other. kan?

kau ingat lelaki tak welfie depan cermin dalam bilik air ha

p/s : and to my bae radin, yeah guys radin is my bae, korang tak tahu apa apa but she is my cool bae, every of you needs to buy her ice cream ! *girl be strong*