new posting, O&G !

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i did wrote few stuffs to be post on in the blog tapi selalu tak sempat nak habiskan sebab ada orang disrupt so most of them just ended stuck in the entry. ni pon tk tahu sempat habis tulis ke tak so i decided im going to write short. tu pon burg selalu curiously tegur "kuat bunyi menaip' damn son nasib baik aku tak pakai mechanical keyboard. kalau tak by second sentence dia dah tegur haha.yang ni third sentence dia dah tegur.

today is going to be the first day for our third posting. by the word 'our', i meant for me and burg, tak tahu kenapa sibuk nak ada burg, maybe sebab baru baca blog radin so aku tengah mood buddies buddies. haha nevermind. good post anyway radin! keep it up ! kamil pelase update !

Obs n Gynaes it is ! ok memandangkan i am obviously a guy , pastu tak kacak and muka pervert i dont know why but i think so maybe sebab aku low self esteem sikit so im being pessimist lel but im prepared for that ! i dun givashit orang nak reject throughout the posting, ill just try my best. plus i got a good competition in the group. the most people i wish i dont have in the group seriously dia sangat lah annoying as hell. dapat syamim in the first place is exciting enough, someone who will boost my spirit and motivate me bila malas nak pergi hospital. nevermind then. and nik though, and zura ! and titi ! wowwww :D

ok sebelum any people i cannot imagine who, would come and disrupt me i better end this. Nova Vida pon da replay dua kali bye !

good luck untuk semua ! untuk blogger blogger kesayangan , hosmate and all !