people i care

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lately aku banyak menconteng dekat scribbles-er punya blog bukan apa tapi aku cuma care dekat orang yang so warm-hearted and really nice.

eventho aku tak tahu that mungkin cara aku ni maybe macam menyemak sikit but i just so damn care.
i can be selective mutism-like to some people sometime,that i just dont wanna give a shit to anyone but i think some people really deserve my shit-silence-idgaf-to-you  tapi kalau aku betul care to some specific/particular/certain people then i may become too attached/tiapharicheckblog kind of person. you may feel annoyed tapi kau dah jadikan aku kawan kau so, here i am.

whatever haha

to scribbles-er just make sure you know youre good person and stay happy.

and to other people out there, anyone, just be happy, u may sometime be idgaf too but, try stay happy.