this little thing that matters so much

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most of the friends i had dari zaman sekolah, mostly aku dah lost contact. atau susah gila nak berhubung. sometimes i just dont want. sebab my life in med school is kinda messed up. so malas nak hang out sangat. sometimes sempat jugak melepak dengan aziz which is twice. je. and i am looking forward to hang out more dan dengar dia bercerita.

yang lain? i dont know. but ridu. ive been in contact with him almost everyday. ataupon everyweek. sebab main dota ataupon online steam. walaupon takde benda nak sembang i will poke him with some words. saja nak kacau dia. and he always replied me with funny things. mostly his accent. and its funny.haha
tak pernah bosan kacau dia. and he seems like not annoyed with me. haha

this small things. really matter. nanti bila dah habis belajar. bila dah boleh berkerja (inshaallah). mesti dah tak dapat nak contact ridu. currently ridu pon tengah fielding offers untuk tempat bekerja dia. inshaallah dia dapat. but he would still have sometime to put his steam online. tapi kalau aku. macam impossible je. maybe tak langsung for months and years.

and there. i am going to lose contact with him. and i will miss this moments. haih, old friends.