Tahniah khalis and puteri ! #walimatulurus #reproducebeautifulbabies

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harini aziz datang ambil aku. we went to taman melawati dekat dewan wisma LJT. its khalis and putri's big day !! alhamdulillah akhirnya sampai ke jinjang pelamin jugak. mygod time aged so fast. rasa macam baru semalam je duk eksaited dengar cerita khalis flirting si putri. now they took the step, knotting the tie. making promises and starting to live with it.
:D blessed day and meeting most of the friends were bastardly happening ! haha never thought i can cope with the guys. dulu aku takdelah friendly sangat i guess. aku rasa kekok with most people. ataupon i was psychogenically believe that i cant padahal i was good back then making friend. am i? i dont remember much. tak ingat sangat.

babeng tua suruh aku sebut nama sorang sorang, tak nak aku, nanti konfem ada yang kecik hati lah sebab aku tak ingat. lel. and the girls. i mean, the ladies. what a grown up, i can barely remember the faces, apatah lagi nama. tapi most of them still recognizable. lepas few glances.

and aziz, with his stories and advices, you are mysterious and wise dude. do tell me stories. tadi aku tak dapat nak response sangat, penat gila tak cukup tidor and so on. but catching up with you has always be damn exciting. and tahniah for the job ! :D

good days, now and back then,

good friends, now and back then.

good memories, now and back then,

and forever.