later i tell

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musim havent seen you for a while. thought it would be nice to passed by and say something. its not that i do not like posting anything here its just, well, things are weird, undescribe-able. i dont know how to spell it. made some choice. moving in and expecting things are different from all those experiences i ever had. eventually it turns up that im trying to repeat things again.

i dont wanna describe it further as i lost all the words best used to desrcribe it. back again to those days i came here and tell things. and they were directly used. people for one glance know what am i writing and who was ever involved.

shit. that may best describe.

as for the other thing worsening by day. i thought it would be good and fine. and again messed up. and undescribeable. i wonder if she ever pass by this place. things are different by time.

and im tired. growing up is tiring. understanding things are tiring. they never explain anything. they make you confuse. and thus i am.

dawn writing. raining. and scent of sadness.