ah beach

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tapi dua tiga hari ni aku rasa lain macma je sebab

aku makin takut, macam pms doh, walaupon tak pernah rasa macam mana pms, enough listening to these gals, i think i know. it beaches a lot. and i am being so much a beach you ever can think for a guy could be.

sekarang ni the more i think i am stupid, enough for those cars that i once didnt give a shit about. now i started to give those shit because why, hell i am really stupid about it??? it makes me think a lot. it? blergh.. sekarang aku cuak orang takkan lepak dengan aku and not someone people prefer to talk to sebab aku bodoh sangat. slowly, one by one new thing came to me saying hey noob ! u dont know a shit about me !
and yeah i dont .

lepas tu bila pandang cermin, i am so happy with no anomalies with this face. but

fish beach