duh, i missed the new year

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selamat tahun baru.
someone contacted me to unprivate musim (privated yesterday, but unprivated) someone i shall call my madu hahahaha

well, kononnya segan lah orang baca musim kan, actually bila tahu je if some people is about to read, nak nak orang yang berdekatan, so ill be ashamed of it la, sebab musim is all about myself in which most of it is pathetic, sapa je nak orang tahu the pathetic part of themselves, tapi apparently i did, lantaklah, the hell way to start not giving a damn is giving all the damn.

and whats with new year wish and kisah malu tak malu nak bagi orang baca musim? well the last entry of musim was damn pathetic,. i shall say 'is' sebab ada lagi dekat situ and i didnt plan to delete it, let it be. let people know.

so, lets start the new day of 2015 ! by the way ada lagi dua cerita sensasi one of it is pasal aziz lagi but les wait for another time, sekarang not in the best mood, see aziz, how precious u are aziz, even musim want himself so fresh to publish your story. whatevs.

to the second day !