One Step Closer

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salam and hi ! its a few minutes sebelum 2015 and i shouldnt leave 2014 without a blog entry !
basically and packly 2014 is damn awesome ! a very awesome year ! too much awesome things i have done !
too many places i went ! too many precious memories i shall never forget !
with my dearest awesome bestfriend hamizul afiq !
:D thanks dude youre so awesome i will never find anyone better than you ! you know no unbearable sadness as we had always found our own way to settle it ! youre just someone i amazingly excited to pass by, someone i am enchanted to speak about. someone i ll be damn depressed to fight with someone with no ending story to talk with.

we are one great team ! dude

3 minutes left to new year

and dude...
after more than three years of awesome unstoppable-i-thought bestfriendship, i made one big mistake and i ruined everything. everything just stopped abruptly.
and suddenly
we are strangers. in the lift, along the pavement. the corridors and everywhere dude. i was lucky and forever lucky to have you as my bestfriend.

we were one great team.

1 minute

bye pumpkin.