there is a guy, who broke the wall

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tolong pasang lagu "wish you were here" sebagai latar belakang sebagaimana dinyanyikan radin dekat twitter.

my life is totally disrupted and changing little by little. most of us keep seeing and looking at good love stories and how we were impressed and excited with those birdies. the lovely scenes of couples with flowers and balloons and good lighting putting it so beautiful.

and who would really know that there might be someone else who gave up on those. who was once might say "i am really getting her and keep her as mine " but just to know that he shouldnt . because what he cares is about others. and he kept doing the same. and he keep giving up. putting everyone ahead and he would cripple down at a dark corner in a room when one night is so painful to hold. and the next day he will come out and laugh. as he had really forget about it.

matlamat kita semua lain. chase our own dream.