burgie burgie those time i am missing

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burgie burgie burgie burgie watcha doin my friend far away there huh.
burgie i miss watchin movie and snacking our tummy.
i miss talking about movies and trailers. and rewatching trailers.
i miss we shitting bad people and augmenting stories.
i miss u scolding my high sugar diet.
i miss u challenging me to finish up my meal and catch me throwing away vegies
and everytime im being so lazyarse to go for solah.
i miss u giving signal that u need to call ur girlfriend.
and i will leave u alone. and to find out late at night u had gone to sleep like a log. 
and those time i had to spend almost half an hour just to wake u up for isya'.
and those time we went out for dinner with fith and edth and we talked about some secret and eddy went nut like a shit just to figure out our business.
and those time we went for movies at cinema and u would have watch me from getting asleep as some part would be so boring.
and everytime we saw chatime oldtown coffee bean starbuck and we would scream scrubbing our cheeks exopthalmusly cause thats what we crave for but being medical student we are aware of the limit.

and those time we recalling memories and promising to repeat them.