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It was me and my bestfriend, so last night.we went away together, getting nuts on the road singing songs we had never knew how it really sounds alike and supposed to. Well who the hell cares, all we wanna do was singing aloud and get all the madness out. Hitting the cones by the road, as always we hope for. Like the western movies of two boys hanging out, and out of mind.

We went to Ikea Meatball, it was late and nobody was really around, so we screamed on stupid things and fighted for chicken wings and splashed the Swedish meatball cream sauce and laugh like a retard. Spiking down from laugh, turning to emoshit asking on the girls we love. how are they? are they good? get into any fight ? and we rubbished each other for being a fat ass, and a nigger. well we never care.