Things do happen.

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    Actually this is not the real post. I made another entry on the same post, but i deleted it again and again, I said once that this blog is where all my hatred will be shown, the place where all the shitty words are thrown, but too many people been reading it, so i keep it in my heart.

   Ok dramatis gitu kan opening. i feel sad (tattadadaaaa). What shouldnt be happening even i knew it will, is happening. Someone just forgot his priority and broke most of the promises. Well Tia told me to be cool and expect this phase of friendship. Sometime things are shitter than what u can imagine when i told u everything. So if anyone read this till u came to this sentence. Swallow all the madness, feel the hunger of hungry cows eating shits. Dream the poops came out and u regurgitate it.

   Sorry for the bad words. As long as the entry remain, the calmer i would be.Nah, i will delete this in few days.