Pray for Egypt.

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       I was thinking on doing an entry about last raya. it was amazing and brought so much meet and gather with everyone. it was a great pleasure. i recorded everything in my mind. i drafted so many words for my entry.

       But today, i feel so miserable. how can i get so excited to share all those happiness when it is so obvious that our families in egypt and syria are in a big mess. no big deal to be happy for the greatful syawal as a victory for muslims. but to keep the mind totally out of the brothers and sisters there, is a big loser of me, as a muslim. i dont really know if theres any idea of enlisting some names to be a volunteer for fighters right from malaysia. maybe not at this moment yet. But doa' is not something to be asked, but a must. what a shame to forget them in our prayer.this is a reminder to me more than anyone that read this entry. i have no strength enough to be a good fighter. but i have a small heart that can remind and keep remember. a mouth to whisper those doa, a pair of eyes that should cry on for a granted doa.

      Today, egypt and syria is no more a land. It is a zone of death and place for syahidin.

come on brotehrs and sisters.