a 3 inches deep heart stroke.

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        korang kan rapat,  sedikit ketersasulan tu benda biasa.  strangers know the boundaries.  but bestfriend never care about it.  thats why sometime they come along with u so deep.  sometime a stone away. kau pon jangan mudah ambil hati.  its a proud u have a little sense of feeling down memandangkan its a while dah kau tak emo macam dulu.  uish.  u remember me of how did it feel last 5-6 months.  how so bullshhh did everything went.  yet you needed someone to talked to and u had that asshole right.  haha..  nevermind lah, brace and brave yourself.  future seems to be a lil annoying and adventuring.  haha.

paling kurang pon.  international 3 is about to begin tomorrow,  dah macam EPL untuk kaki bola. get a better coolpad.  and paracatemol.