forth month of

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scrolling my twitter in the morning.
cause i cant get to sleep,  so i just stay awake this morning.
and it sounds like i wake up real early.
burg punya pasal, star trek sampai ke pagi.
loser gila baru tengok star trek 1,

dekat twitter,
found a tweet saying today is 19th may.
stumbled upon that for few secs,
before i give a deep breath n sigh.

what to do meh,
today seems much better,
didnt realise that its been 4 months already,

sounds stupid like always but this matter to me so much,
the forever after promises turn ashes and bubbling shits,
i like it this way.
cause few things turned the other way around.

sabar prove everything.
tapi bersabar had killed the strongest me yet showed the weakest.
but they get some sort of sensitized so im fcken strong boh!

mapuh lah and people are going out for an event today,
and im losing those enthusiasm i once had before, maybe i had enough last year or im taking a break, maybe

but i miss the last time im doing an event with the two fatassess,, ohh awesome gilooooo boh!