drug to be tolerated.

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damn it dude.
sometime i felt tired to commit the effort of keeping our friendship as before.
as the first time u knew me once.
not every glanced end without a smile.
now u damn changed man.
gradually, everyday.
and these things kept happening to me.
why the hell im so doomed to have bestfriends.
even how man i could be in everything,
but theres feminine side of me make me overthink of everything.
thats how i figured out the problem.
every single one turned to have their backs on me.
though i learnt one of those day.
i cant simply put everything to an end.
i learnt that it has to be changed the other way.
so the one to be fixed is my ownself.
though i hope u know.
its not fixing the problem.
its avoiding the problem.
like a drug.
u know,once we tolerated them,
no other choice but to tolerated the higher.
thats how it gone fatal.
now i put a reminder to myself.
whatever the end could be.
everything is mortal.

p/s : i hate the feeling that we're drifting away from each other and i cant do anything about it.