here morphine.

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its just a fucking useless morphine for every single time u do it without thinking of how would i feel.
you used to be my damn serotonin.
damn its like a complement cascade for how it grew in me.
the love to smile in fear.
the love to smile in pain.

maybe its seems bad when i throw away things yelling at you.
getting fcuking nut full with anger.
recalled the moment you kick me and also get angry to me for silly things.
and how i kept the edge of verse from flowing.

you are better when u are not this closer.
never give a slight look at me without smiling.
big eyes and wrinkling forehead of wide smile.
chub lips with gentle punch.
warm hug with tight bond.
damn the bond is now tughter.
but so damn tight now u re not the same.