duhh..let the ball go.

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semalam aku ada sembang dengan abang dom.
he's a cool guy.
dia pandai main basketball.
impressive jugaklah.
well he played very well masa SAF.

aku pon suka basketball. dunno should mention again or not.
but basketball is another world of mine.
the only thing that i would call the best part of me.
apa yang ada dengan aku.
some kind of idiot yang suka buat lawak bodoh and basically being friendzoned by every single gal kan.

so,i really hope basketball would cover some good part of me.
but lately,the more i try to improve my basketball thingy, the more i find im not a basketballer.

duhh...im thinking of letting the basketball thing out of my world and my field.
but what else would i have right?
im no good in anything.
perhaps one day i would find the better part of me.