Scion Zealous

Posted in By beoma

dear Scion Zealous,
a generation which i believe full of colour.
a generation which i believe born within it warriors of tough-hearted.
a generation which i believe give out spirits that create stories of happiness.
sometime come sadness. and they fought against it together among them.
no doubt to give up.
cause they are born like that,becoming a scion zealous like they should.

three years are enough to firm your bond.
every laugh at dorm, every cries on shits, every tears on beds,
but then theres always ur lovely friends around you.
to keep you forever calm. to share the cut. to knit the love.

incoming years at the collegue wont be the same,
theres no enough you more to lit the night,
theres no enough you more to spit the bad,
theres no enough you more to cry the happiness,tears, and satisfactory.

no matter how foreign i am to you guys,Scion Zealous,
but still theres faith by me on you.
to never been give up,fighting the incoming obstacles like u used to.
no matter how least i come to visit you guys every year,
but theres faith by me that there is unbreakable bond among you.
and Scion Zealous,
no matter how widely spread they disperse you all.
never let the connection comes to an end.

damn loving,