love you for thousand more.

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"abang amar..saya dapat mrsm pekan.."
a message at 11.30 pm.tonight.

im with embryolgy.
bout to get 100 pages done to read tonight.
im so adrenalined but kid..

so close to your home sweet home hah?
congrate to you little kid..
finally studying at a place really close to your house where it wont be somewhere that can make you homesick like you use to feel right?

which also means that..
ur leaving mrsm kuantan finally.
a place where i met each of you.
a place we make promises of one day,ill meet you again when u big enough to carry urself .
a place where we created lots of stories.
talking bout girls before going to sleep.
stupid silly pillow fight before getting so exhausted then lying cool down on the floor.
watching the fan in theres pics swinging along it for every story we talked at the night. brought us awake till the morning.
then we talk like theres no words anymore able to breathed out.

age never matter kan?
im so big to act so stupid for every memories we created.
but what big means if theres no happiness u crave for.
till my nowadays age.ur name everyday had become one of the reason im so fresh to play my act.
but it comes to this scene finally.

im damn pissed off kid.

thats why ill make a last story of us soon.
hold yeah.

she said its a step closer,but you will be steps further.