that dream again.

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should have not post this thing..but i just woke up from a dream..
i hate an eve nap... i truly wanna wake up immediately from an eve nap.
this eve..i suddenly slept.

and i dreamt about u after a long time.
a simple stupid dream. class thingy. laughing for nothing thingy. stupid friends. very mute all of them but...
i saw u in the dream. the smile... damn that smile after a long time.! really miss it! fcuking missing it..
damn why are you so far away from me. 

i woke up.
eyes opened.
yeah,i truly did dream of u. even there was nothing in the reality facing me. dull light in a small room. slow cloud passing in the sky. fan moves swing constantly. same pattern in the ceiling.i freeze on the floor paralysed. recalling the dream slowly. the more i gain,the more the pain i feel. why i woke up so fast. freeze the dream. hold the moment of u smiling to me. in the dream ur still the best human around u. gent smile for people's pride. nice kiss to those appreciate u.

till today, id never stop hoping to see every of u growing. u are another life of me. i may get so busy doing the anatomy or that shitty molecular medicine. but trust me, how i never stop thinking of ur name everyday. and how i fcuk myself so much once i forgot to think of ur name in days passed so fast. ur growing bigger. i hate it so much.

this was a bad eve. dreaming of something nice makes u happy. its a nice dream. but when u are about to wake up, its a nightmare.