worried comes around

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currently not in the mood of making a nice shitty post that can make me laugh to ma ownself thru the night..lately so catching thingy..lecture hall nye kondisi macam gampang,writing race all the time due to new strict rule from the dean,no lect notes to any student..no gap between lect and reaching hostel totally in fatigue everyeve..no time for basketball,gampang nya jauh the court from ma hostel. ma basketball ball was struck by a thorn due to irresponsible gardener,i stand to not blaming maself,how hell the thorn is all over the ground?

yesterday abah got crushed by a fucking underage unlicensed irresponsible shit boy, abah terima 4 jahitan and lebam lebam sedikit..how hell i wish the boy just dead,he has no reason to live if all he knows is to crush others,why not. last month he rempit2 all around the padang at our taman and kids are all around there,bodoh nak mati la sial,he fell for sure that time but again didnt die yet.
apparently,abah still muntah muntah since last night,sis informed me he is recovering but no one knows what wud happen next morning right?..and im damn worried. haishh =.='..

my deafing ear is still dizzling and panicking me..currently everything is clear,kadang pekak kadang tak..sinus nya pasal. my eyes masih terkebil kebil sendiri,sam goes to my umi..matanya pon sama..again,superstitious that i weakly fight,im worried again.